Tumbäcks Gård

Address: Tumbäck 2, 566 92 Habo Show map

Address: Tumbäck 2, 566 92 Habo

Sales of potatoes, carrots, eggs and onions. The farm shop is run on a self-service principle, and customers can come and shop when it suits them best.

Tumbäcks Gård is located immediately to the north of Habo and dates back to the 1300s. The farm is now owned by Erik and Gunnar Johansson, who bought it in 1986, and covers 472 hectares, of which 130 are fields and 342 forest.

The main activity is traditional agriculture, specialising in potato cultivation, which covers 70 hectares of owned and leased land and produces around 2500 tonnes of potatoes every year, both new, main and industrial crops. Tumbäcks Gård cultivates the most common types such as King Edward, Asterix and Fontane.

On the farm, you can also take part in a moose safari. For about two hours, you travel with a tractor and wagon, looking for the King of the Forest. During the 25 safaris in 2009, visitors saw an average of 4 moose per trip, and only one trip was entirely without sightings.

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