Carléns Fisk & Vätterkräftor AB

Address: Nätebäcken, 566 93 Brandstorp Show map

Address: Nätebäcken, 566 93 Brandstorp

Welcome to our modern fish and shellfish shop in Nätebäcken, 15 km north of Habo. The business is run by Maria & Anders Carlén, with a team of around 10 seasonal staff. Here you can purchase both freshly caught fish and crayfish from Lake Vättern, as Anders is one of the few professional fishermen on the lake. There are both modern cold and hot smokehouses, and a newly built crayfish boiler.

Certified by Närfiskat – the environmental certification scheme for fisheries – Carléns uses organic or MSC-labelled ingredients wherever possible. The fish for sale depends on the season and what Anders has caught, which can be anything from whitefish, trout, salmon, perch and Lake Vättern shrimps to whitefish roe. Customers travel a long way to buy cooked shrimps here. The fish counter also boasts pike-perch and vendace roe from Lake Vänern, pickled herring, pâtés, fish burgers, lobster, shrimps, sauces and dips. In the shop you will also find herbs and spices, oils, crackers, bread, vegetables and everything you could possibly need to compliment your fish! Everything is seasonal, which means that the selection varies through the year.

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    June to September: Monday to Friday 10-18, Saturday and Sunday 10-15